Janis Deimeke

Janis Deimeke

Audrain County Courthouse, Room 105

101 N. Jefferson St.

Mexico, Missouri 65265

Phone: 573-473-5830

Fax: 573-581-8087

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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The Audrain County Recorder of Deeds office is now offering two new services to our county residents:

Our property records are now available online through Fidlar Laredo/Tapestry. Also available is Property Fraud Alert a service you can subscribe to free of charge. 

According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime. It can be as simple as someone recording a fraudulent document in the County Land Records offices making it look like they now own your home or property. To address these concerns, my office has teamed up to create the notification service that will help you combat the effects of land fraud and other similar fraudulent activities.For information on either of these new services please contact the recorder's office.

The County Recorder of Deeds keeps official records of real estate transfers, deeds of trust, UCC (Chattel Mortgages), subdivision plats, surveys, discharges from armed services, tax liens, and marriage licenses. The earliest records in this office start in 1837. This office records all documents dealing with land transactions in Audrain County. These have also been kept since 1837 and are indexed by year and name.

Marriage Licenses: Both people have to appear to make an application. You will need to bring a picture ID (a driver's license will work). If you have your social security card, please bring it. We will need to know the judgement date of your last divorce if applicable. The fee is $57.00 which is paid upon application (Cash Only). The license can be issued the day of the application and must be used within 30 days after it leaves the Recorder's office. You can complete the application and leave the license in the Recorder's office until within 30 days of the marriage ceremony. Marriage records are cross-indexed under the male and female names and have been since 1837. Certified copies of Marriage Licenses are $9.00 each. Please remember the license fee is cash only, thank you.

Fees: The cost to record any document except plats, surveys, service discharges and tax liens will be $24.00 for the first page and $3.00 a page for each page following in that document. Copies are $1.00 per page and $1.00 for certification of a document.

Plats: Are $44.00 for the first page and $25.00 for each additional page for an 18 x 24 inch document. Surveys are $24.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page for an 18 x 24 inch document. Please call for more information for larger sizes or if there is more than one piece of property surveyed on the survey.

Service Discharges are free to record and to receive copies or certified copies. To get a copy of a service discharge, the requesting individual has to fill out a request form, and have their signature notarized, before the Recorder of Deeds can look to see if there is a DD 214 filed in the office and to run a copy or certified copy for the requesting party. There is no charge for filing the request, the notary cannot charge for notarizing the request form and the copies generated by the Recorder of Deeds office are still free. The Regulations for Request Form RSMO 59_480 and the Request for Military Discharge Papers are available on this web site and in the office of the Recorder of Deeds. These new requirements were passed by the Missouri Legislature and went into effect in August 2003.

UCC Filings: As of July 1, 2001, all UCC filings are done at the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. The only UCC filings done on the county level are terminations of old UCC filings or UCC filings that are to be a fixture filing that are recorded in the land records of the Recorder of Deeds' office. The cost to terminate a UCC filing is $6.00. To record a fixture filing, or to continue, assign, amend, or terminate a fixture filing, the cost is $24.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page in a document. You are required to use National UCC filing forms and you need to put the full legal description of the real estate on the addendum page of the UCC National forms. These forms are available on the Secretary of State's web page. This office still does UCC searches. The cost is $14.00 for the search and up to 10 copies, with a charge of .50 per page after the first 10 pages. This request also needs to be on the National UCC forms.

See Document Formatting Standards — Page form and Standard Rejection approved by the Recorders Association of Missouri and the Recorder of Deeds Fee Sheet prepared by the Audrain County Recorder of Deeds.

Federal Tax Liens are $9.00 to file and $7.50 to discharge.

State Tax Liens are $3.00 to file and $1.50 to discharge.

For information on either of these new services please contact the Recorder's office.