Audrain County is a rural county centrally located in Missouri within 90 minutes of St. Louis and less than 3 hours from Kansas City.

The economy of Audrain County has in many areas outperformed the economy of Missouri as a whole. There has been excellent economic growth in the county during the last fifteen years, with the city of Mexico, the county seat, leading the way.  

The diversified economy of Audrain County has made it the envy of rural counties in Missouri. Because of our strategic location to the four-lane highways of U.S. Highway 54 and Interstate I-70, Audrain County has enjoyed the migration of several major manufacturing companies. Manufacturing has become increasingly more important in the county to the point of rivaling agriculture in economic importance.

The county enjoys a major rail head for the shipping of goods and products by train. Mexico, the county seat, has an unregulated FAA airport, Mexico Memorial Airport, with two runways of 3200 and 5500 feet which gives it corporate jet landing capability. Audrain County has seen a significant increase in technology with the arrival of several manufacturing firms and bio-fuel refining. Some of the products produced by major county manufactures include frozen bread dough, pharmaceuticals, light experimental airplane kits, vinyl windows, automobile products and most recently bio-fuels.

Poet Refining Plant, Laddonia, Missouri

Poet Refining Plant, Laddonia, Missouri

In 2006 Audrain County became the site of the first biorefining plant in Missouri (Mid-America Biofuels), and the state's fourth ethanol plant (Poet Biorefining) opened in nearby Laddonia, Missouri.

Please contact the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce, 100 W. Jackson St.
Mexico, MO  65265, 573-581-2765 pertaining to business opportunities within Audrain County.

Additional information and resources for economic development in Audrain County can be found at the websites associated with the City of Mexico, (Russel Runge) and Vandalia's economic development (Darren Berry) offices.

County Seat of Audrain County | Mexico, Missouri