Audrain County Courthouse

Audrain County Courthouse

Audrain is a Class 3 County governed by a County Commission with a population of approximately 25,529 people, 9,844 households, and 6,762 families residing in the county according to the 2010 census and has an assessed evaluation of $221,874,192. Audrain County is a part of Missouri's 12th Judicial Circuit and is in both the 4th and 6th Congressional Districts.

The county seat of Audrain is located in the City of Mexico which is the largest and oldest city in the county. Mexico has a population of approximately 11,680 persons according to the 2016 census, other municipalities in the county include Vandalia, Laddonia, Farber, Martinsburg, Benton City, Rush Hill and Vandiver Village. For more information on the communities in Audrain County, please visit the communities page.

With its rich, fertile land, Audrain County is one of Missouri's leading agricultural counties with primary crops consisting of soybeans, corn, grain sorghum and wheat. Once a national center for saddle horses and mules, it now produces mainly hogs and cattle.  

The county claims several small manufacturing firms and service industries, along with many other small businesses ranging from retail shops, light manufacturing, distribution and food products. Residents enjoy an economic climate marked by variety and progress.


Mexico's Davis H. Hart Career Center and the Advanced Technology Center offer students many career, vocational and advanced educational opportunities. 

Public education within Audrain County consists of three public school districts as well as many parochial and private schools including the prestigious Missouri Military Academy.  

Audrain County Schools and School Districts


The county's main health care facility, regarded by many as the most modern in out-state Missouri, is SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Audrain. Constantly expanding and improving its physical facilities, Audrain Medical Center provides specialists in a variety of medical fields. The Audrain City-County Health Unit maintains high standards of sanitation for the community and offers many other public health services. Other health related and welfare programs are also available for county residents.